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Originally Posted by Akira
Oh my, now you will teach me about design. No thanks. You even said it yourself, those things are technology, not design. Therefore this is a "revolutionary" concept design-wise. The technology bits on its own are just technology, unless you analize their design. Whatever. Design is NOT the case these things are put on, if you think so, you better stop talking about design and getting on with something else. Or if you are interested, learn something about design.
So technology cannot not revolutionary with what you say up there. I know very well what technology and design is since this is my job.

You have obviously never used a speech recognition system, ever. Otherwise you would know what I'm talking about. Speech recognition is a mighty fine idea but its application is so bad that it's useless. My mac's voice recognition system is arse, are you expecting a handheld console aimed for kids to have a system better than those that cost shitloads of money and are not even perfect? Voice recognition is an area of computing that is not very evolutioned, because it's hard to do.

And I don't give a shit if it's bluetooth, wifi or ham radio. wireless connectivity it is and it's not novel. My NeoGeo Pocket had wireless capabilities (connect to another unit to play wireless)
Akira's post are like that:

a) OBVIOUSLY you never used it before

b) I don't give a shit if it is this or that.

These are not strong arguments in there I have to say. Game consoles are not for kids. I am not sure how many kids are in these forums or whether the people in E3 are kids. This is entertainment and it applies to all. Does this mean that all my 30-year old friends who own a game console (hand-held or not) are kids? I suggest you to visit for more about wi-fi.
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