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Touch screens have been around for years and years.... maybe the reason Nintendo have added it is because they feel there's nothing else they can do to fight off Sony’s PSP other than add loads of "technological" crap that they themselves have been discounting for years to fool people into thinking it's a good idea.

The DS smacks of desperation. Nintendo are running scared and rightly so, the PSP has got them and their portable version of a early 90's console beat and beat good.

The gameboy was around for years before Nintendo replaced it, now they've got serious competition they are forcing through something that they should of released instead of the GBA.

I hope Nintendo are finished, they have screwed people for years with the arrogant "the handheld market is ours" attitude and now, they are going to get their comeuppance.

And it couldn't happen to a nicer company.

Sony maybe a big evil corporation, but they at least upgrade their products when the technology becomes available, rather than only selling black and white TVs 15 years after every other TV manufacturer has switched to colour.

At the end of the day, the end user muist decide, do they want a portable Playstation 2, or a handheld N64 with lots of added crap that they'll never use.

Call me silly if you like, but I'll take the portable PS2.

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