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Originally Posted by Akira
My my mate, you are confusing the terms yourself put forth. The Nintendo DS is revolutionary DESIGN-WISE, not technology-wise. The design is innovative. Design is not just the stupid case it comes in, this is a product, an OBJECT, a system. The concept of dual screens, touch screen, voice recogniotion and wireless are design, not technology. CONCEPT. The technology to achieve these tasks is far from revolutionary. Actually the PSP's hardware isn't revolutionary either, since it's almost a PS2. Compared to previous handhelds, both machines have pushed the hardware up a bit. Evolutionary if you want to say so. But all the stuff you mention is PURE DESIGN.
Well I can probably say the same to you. You said that PSP looks more adult oriented. Based on what? The design or the hardware? Can you please answer this question?

The technology used in DS is a touch screen, voice recognition, wi-fi and so on These are technology! The design puts these technological bits together. Design is how to use these in one piece of hardware. You have the hardware ie chips, LCD screens etc and you make a design to incorporate all these together.

Originally Posted by Akira
And if we're picky, this design is not even revolutionary. Dual screens? Nintendo themselves used them in the 80s! Touchscreen? Every PDA has it. Voice Recognition? we all know it's arse. Wireless connectivity? I think my mom's microwave has bluetooth :P all this stuck into one machine... Clever, but not revolutionary in my opinion. The only strange or new thing will be teh inclusion of a second screen on a game system of this type. It worked well with Game & watchs (to an extent, I never got used to dual screeners), but who knows about this. Somebody mentioned teh attention issue here, it could be a problem!
Every PDA has it but this is a GAME CONSOLE. Adding a touch screen on a game console is a first. Voice Recognition an arse? Can you use arguments to explain this to me better? I think this is great. Can you imagine handicapped people playing games on it? Sweet. As I said, the Nintendo Europe spokesman already said that the software is ready and goes under tests at the moment. Also don't confuse Bluetooth with Wi-Fi. They are different notions.
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