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Originally Posted by Antiriad
And unlike the foulmouthed Nintendo fanboy ,

You like to assign labels Antiriad, don't you? Wasn't you that you clearly stated that you dislike Nintendo first? A 'Anti Nintendo fanboy' maybe? I personally only bought a Gameboy. I have nothing else from Nintendo and I generally buy products that I feel they are better than others, not products that are in the opposition of the products I hate.

Originally Posted by Akira

And dunno where you get your facts from mate, but this is SMALLER than a Lynx. I take it that you never owned one? I have the second version (which was smaller) and it's bigger than this.
Well, a handheld that needs a special carrying case? I am not hanging this thing in my neck. I don't want to look like a cow with a bell in my neck. This thing is huge. Although they call it habdheld, I think that it is huge. I am not sure how nice will it be to have a little case with it wherever you go...

As for the Lynx, you should know that back then I was developing for Atari Hellas. I made the Greek version of TOS as well as a text editor for them. I had access to all Atari hardware including the Atari Lynx. The analogy of the Lynx Vs Gameboy are the same as the PSP vs DS.

Originally Posted by Akira
No way I am comparing the NintendoDS to this, they are completely different machines IMO. Let's wait and see what Nintendo will pull because the PSP looks like the only device that is more catering to the current market. N64-like specs won't do it against this monster if you are selling it to Joe 3Dkiddy

I also think that this is more for an adult.
Technology-wise or design-wise? Technology wise nintendo's hardware is revolutionary for a handheld game console. Sony's is evolutionary. The touch screen, wi-fi, voice recognition of DS are unique. This is the closest thing to a PDA as opposed to the PSP. Nintendo people said that you can have access to the internet on a wireless LAN and with the touch screen on it, browsing can be extremely easy. The touch screen also means that we can finally have games not seen in handhelds before. Think of a RTG where you have the map on one screen and you play the game on the other using the touch-screen functionality. The limits of PSP are on the hardware. The limits of the DS are on the people's mind that design the software for it. Nintrendo Europe also has under development voice recognition software. Another unique feauture that will enchance gameplay.
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