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I think you are more Nintendo biased than RCK, manicx

The thing does look like shit. And it's far away from a perfect design, your hands will hurt as much as with the GBA or anything. The D-pad looks specially shittier than ever. It's so stuck into the machine that I am afraid it won't be very responsive. The GBA's D-Pad already is shit and unresponsive, this one with almost no "extrusion" seems even worse. The 4 buttons are too close, look at all the free space below. This one is thought for small kids again! And they will have to promise me more titles than N64 remakes (fer fuck's sake haven't you had enough remakes with the GBA?) and one new Nintendo title. I want to see thirdparty support for this bad boy.

Not dissing it, but i'm just waiting. In my current economic situation I will find it hard to purchase any of these new portable systems, but at the end it will probably be the DS because it's much cheaper and it's got more chances of getting 2D stuff methinks. and you can play GBA games on it, innit? I read it has a GBA cart slot? That's a bonus.
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