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Originally Posted by manicx
They F*cking call this a handheld!
As Meth said nowhere I read " PlayStation Handheld", the name is Portable.
[edit] Let me correct that. Handheld. Hand Held. Is the guy holding it with his feet or something? I think this IS a handheld. Portable is my Commodore SX64. THIS IS HANDHELD.

And dunno where you get your facts from mate, but this is SMALLER than a Lynx. I take it that you never owned one? I have the second version (which was smaller) and it's bigger than this.

No way I am comparing the NintendoDS to this, they are completely different machines IMO. Let's wait and see what Nintendo will pull because the PSP looks like the only device that is more catering to the current market. N64-like specs won't do it against this monster if you are selling it to Joe 3Dkiddy

I also think that this is more for an adult.

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