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I'm still curious though about Nintendo's claims to date this is not the replacement for the GBA-if so, how can they hope to market two different handhelds at the same time?

And yes, Zelda pics look nice, but possibly a case of too little, too late? Where are the 3rd party games? Belated PS2/X-box ports aren't exactly helping the situation for it.

Game & Watch were classics. Though the double screen versions were the ultimate sign of luxury for parents wealthy enough to afford them, the single screen games could be pricey enough!

Though one old issue could still rear its ugly head-trying to keep an eye on whats going on in one screen whilst trying to play the other could be quite annoying-the times I lost a life on Oil Panic when all mayhem was happening & suddenly see my 2nd guy down below pull away right when I didn't need it led to some harsh words being said!
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