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Originally Posted by Tim Janssen
Some years ago I made a backup of some games on HD-discs. On my real Amiga I first formatted the HD-floppies in X-copy 6, then I copied the games.
When I rebooted the Amiga the games booted fine from the HD-discs. No tapes were used to cover the holes.
It depends on whether the disk drive knows about the second hole or not. If it checks the HD hole, it will not accept HD disks and you have to cover the hole in order to use them. If the drive does not care about the hole, the disks will work without coverage.

*BUT* in any case using HD disks in DD drives is not reliable. The magnetism on HD disks is different than on DD disks and DD drives are not strong or not exact enough to magnetise HD disks correctly. So use HD disks for temporary files only, but not for storing important data.
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