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Originally Posted by Antiriad
Bloody great gfx!
Yeah Anti but that's a MOCKUP, it will obviously not look like that.

The unit looks very nice, typical Sony design (me loves) and the UMD thing looks interesting as well (its got a caddy! long live old technology ). The size is a bit bigegr than we are accustomed to tbut that will be better for us adults who have hands cramped because of extended GBA/SP usage.

Also I wouldn;t wear it hanging on my deck like that asshole on the stairs, you'd get it nicked pretty easily!

Also, looks fragile. Specially the screen! I'm not a guy known for mistreating his hardware (actually I'm such a picky mofo about it, just ak Jim how I take care of my stuff :P) but it's an important factor nonetheless, accidents happen! (I did drop my gameboy a couple of times, i wonder how it still survives)

Shame that this will be so 3D oriented though ;(
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