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Originally Posted by dirkies
Take some time to read my story and maybe you can help me out!

Toccata analogue soundcard
Drool - I'd kill to get my hands on a Toccata for OctaMED Sound Studio. My Prelude1200 hangs the system because the Toccata emulation is crap, and my Delfina doesn't work with my 060.

OS3.9 'prepares' for TCP/IP but doesn't provide you with a layer, right???
3.9 comes with a TCP stack called "Genesis", which is basically AmiTCP with a GUI.

does MIAMI work with OS3.9?
is it still for sale at all?
where to find and can it be cheaper, I'm sure the prices should be revised lower in 2004 than what it was in 2000, no?
Yes, it works with 3.9, but it is slower than AmiTCP. No, it is not still for sale - the author abandoned development, and stopped answering emails years ago. Got fed up of the constant childish bickering that seems to constitute most of the Amiga "scene" now. I'm sure someone can point you in the direction of the required files.

Other issue: Directory Opus...
I always used v4 with OS3.1, love it to death, and DOPUS 5 Magellan II looks pretty nice and more in line with OS3.9, but the same question arises as with Miami:

does it work with OS3.9 at all?
their website is all about DOPUS for PC, and isn't updated since January 2000 (FOUR YEARS again!)
the price is ridiculous ($99), still listed in German Marks (...), and the 2000 price is actually more expensive than the windoze version! Again I assume it's discontinued...
DOpus Magellan II is a fantastic piece of software. It is still available; it is still commercial; it is still overpriced; and I doubt you'll find anyone who'll give you a copy. You can, of course, just use Dir Opus 4 if you prefer. That was released under a GPL licence a while ago, and has been picked up as an open-source project. Just Google for DirOpus and GPL.
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