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Well, I found just as many bugs in that rant. Emulation started in 1995?!?! Where the hell did that crazy figure come from. That may have been the time they started releasing UAE, but emulation (as far as I remember) dates back to the mid to late 80's on the Amiga with GO-64!

Furthermore, the first of the Amiga did NOT begin with DOSUAE! UAE was originally written for UNIX. UAE (arguably) means UNIX Amiga Emulator with its license under the GNU General Public License. Which is why it is cross-ported to so many platforms.

Considering such a long-winded, opinionated rant, one would expect at least enough research behind the editorial to read the docs for the program (which contains all of the info I have just rehashed...)

Visit this url for more 'old school' UAE factoids:
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