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Originally Posted by thomas
Wow, what a rock solid proof.

Floppy drivers are called DFx because their mountlists call them so. Of course it is a little bit more difficult to rename them because the mountlists are fixed in ROM. As a start you can add the command Assign DF0: dismount into the startup-sequence and you will *never* see any DF0:xyz on the Workbench desktop. Then insert a ZIP medium into the drive which has a partition called DF0 on it and from then on the ZIP medium is DF0. And it is a HDD.

You can also rename the AUDIO dosdriver to DF0 and mount it. Then a Copy work:sample.iff to df0: will play the sample instead of doing any disk I/O.

DF0 is just a DosDriver as any other. Nothing special about it.
Well perhaps it is special because it changes its geometry depending on whether you insert a HD or DD floppy disk on a high density drive. But this has nothing to do with mount lists or dos drivers.
Where in my post do I say I have proof!

I was outlining what you would see if you did not dismount df0 (Which I am sure 90% of users would not know/want/need to do!!)

I never said it was impossible to dismount a device and mount something else with the same name did I?

Generally speaking I am correct (Generally referring to the average user!!).. technically I am wrong and it's more than possible.. but who in their right mind would want to dismount df0?
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