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You can't change a Windows device from C: to MyDisk: - in the same way, it is impossible to change the device name of a floppy disk in AmigaOS.
Nonsense. Of course you cannot change it on the fly, but there is no dependence between the DosDriver name and its type. As I said before, changing DF0 is difficult because it is in ROM, but it is possible. At least it is possible to remove it from the device lists and add another drive with this name. And you can add a DosDriver called EGON with the same geometry and file system as DF0 and from then on you can access your internal disk drive as EGON:.

A better example is the Ram Disk. Its mount list is in ROM as well, but it is not mounted before the first access. So if you do an Assign RAM: dismount before the first access to RAM: in the Startup-Sequence, RAM is gone as if it never was there. You can then do an Assign RAM: Work:VRAM to save some memory.
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