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Originally Posted by ant512
OK, I should have said, "this is the fault of IDEFix's DOSDrivers". Both IDEFix and EIDE'99's DOSDrivers mount Zip drives as floppies - they are given the device name DFx instead of DHx. Maybe it's possible to change the DOSDriver/mountlist to mount the Zip drive as a HDD instead of a floppy? Or maybe the drive itself must be mounted as a floppy, ie. a removable-media device, as the whole system would get confused when you changed disks?

So you think when a driver is named DFx, it is a floppy ? Man ! You can call all your floppy drives EGON1, 2, 3 etc. and you can call all your HDD partitions DFxyz if you want, it does not make any difference. The name does not matter at all. Both HDDs and floppies are track devices, there is no difference. Of course you can change the Dosdriver, just rename it from DF4 to ZIP0. Or EGON. Or HUGO. Whatever you like. There is no rule, no convention for driver names.
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