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Originally Posted by thomas
No, definitely not. By default ZIP disks are not mounted at all. You need to have some mount software or a mountlist/dosdriver installed. Or you can set up the ZIP disk as a HDD with HDToolbox then it is mounted at bootup automatically, but as a HDD.
OK, I should have said, "this is the fault of IDEFix's DOSDrivers". Both IDEFix and EIDE'99's DOSDrivers mount Zip drives as floppies - they are given the device name DFx instead of DHx. Maybe it's possible to change the DOSDriver/mountlist to mount the Zip drive as a HDD instead of a floppy? Or maybe the drive itself must be mounted as a floppy, ie. a removable-media device, as the whole system would get confused when you changed disks?
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