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Originally Posted by Drake1009
I only played AVP 1 and the AVP2 demo, but the demo had lost a lot of atmosphere compared to the first in my opinion. Sure it was dark and everything but still.
No f*cking way! AvP2 is a hell lot better than AvP in terms of atmospere. In AvP, the no of sprites that you have to face is very limited. On the other hand, AvP2 is just like Aliens; you are in Hell. Although AvP2 is nothing special in terms of a FPS, the atmospere makes it one of the best games for me. Just put the volume up and enjoy.

Anyway, my list of scariest games ever has as follows:

-Sillent Hill 1, 2, 3
-WaxWorks (the level in the mine is unbelievable)
-Clive Barker's The Undying
-It came from the Desert
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