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up there in this thread i said that i was needing time to collect ideas... it was 23 june 2002! bah... almost 2 years to correct Konrad about Elvira... wich one 1 or 2?

i've just tought of Houd of Shadow... that was scarey! i played it a couple of years ago with the solutions in hands and not finished nevertheless.

it's curious that 2 title i've pointd at are textual adventures. this one and Anchorhead. ah the thaumaturgic power of the words...

there is also a 1980 or 81 game you can find at Underdogs, the game that start the whole first person dungeon crawling. the name is (if i remember right) Dungeon of the Wizard. likely some like that...
terribly hard and with the delicious feature of the heart beat rythm goin up and down causing you faint, passes out, prematurely death by collapse! even real 3d wireframed world! there are also some port of it for modern systems. check it out!

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