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Originally posted by RCK

Wrong, you forgot the excellent N64 Yoshy Island !
I'd scratch excellent and say I forgot that Yoshi's Story is the other 2D platformer for the N64 That game blows...

Fred, GG Shinobi is a platformer, and so is Megaman.. I dont know what you are smoking Metroid is not, though. Teh difference between GG Shinobi and Leander is minimal, tending to non-existent.

This is the kind of nitpicking I have to do to include games or not at Shmups. It's bloody hard to put'em apart! Anyway, most of the games I included on my list are 'true' platformers. What would you consider Ruff n TUmble to be? Id say its in teh same league as Turrican, because you jump n shoot. But it's cute, so where do you put it, fred?
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