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Its comlicated. Is Dylan Dog a platformer? is Wings a flight sim? Is ShadowLands a strategy or RPG game? There are many games that fall into the grey line, Retroman. I guess to each his own. But..on a side note..Super Metroid is one of the greatest games of all time. Period
Bombjack, You have made a good point, you whore. I consider those games to be "Kill 'em All Combat"..divided into
1.FP Shooters,such as Doom,
2.Beat em Ups, such as Streets of Rage,
3.Assault Weapons and Robots, such as Alien Breed (DROOOL) 4.and SwordPlay, such as Sword of Sodan
On yet another semi related touch..I fuggin LOVE Megaman/Rockman series..untouchable series wise. Thats not a platformer, of course....

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