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This seller (plox66) is one of eBay's most dodgy in the Amiga world. He hides his feedback, and when he first appeared on eBay under a different name (see, he's even had to change his name!) I bought four games off him at the same time: Shadow of the Third Moon, Abuse, Ultimate Extreme Racing (which I'm sure never existed and he's just made it himself from user-made tracks and add-ons), and Pinball Prelude. He advertised them as being "NEW!" but they were all just CD-RW's with poorly scanned and printed covers, and delivery was slooooow. Obviously someone with a CD-RW, a basic scanner, and colour inkjet printer who's decided to make some money on eBay from piracy of Amiga games. I was going to buy Extractors from him (the follow-up to Diggers, never released) but I decided against it because of my previous experience. I'll put money on Pinocchio being the same.
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