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Update for experimental branch - - is checked in. This is well overdue, but there's now copper skies.

There is a fair bit to it, and I may do a video covering it in future, but I'll go over the basics here:

1. The copper gradient color is fixed at 0, which is usually black in an Amiga palette. If you're using 0 as black, and you're using black on a sprite or tile, I'd recommend re-arranging your palette so black is something else.

You could use an ugly color you're definitely NOT using in the game for palette 0, since it's going to be overwritten by the copper sky anyway.

(Note that using a color other than black is usually not recommended since the color will reach to the edges of the screen. HOWEVER, I've used some copper tricks to avoid that. On all Amigas, the sides of the screen will be black even with a copper rainbow).

2. Use the eraser in Tiled to wipe out any of the tiles that would otherwise cover the sky, and set the copper sky from inside the editor. You'll need an image at least the height of the screen (any width) with your gradient. This is the one that I use, feel free to use it to test with.

3. Assuming you've done all that, your editor should look like this.

Note that, even though I've used an image with 24 bit color, it still downgrades to 12 bit color OCS in the game.

I think I can make it so that on AGA it'll use full 24 bit color, but this will take a little more work.


Well, that was easier than I thought it would be. AGA copper skies are supported in the experimental version, note how much smoother the gradient is than in the GIF.

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