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As for the graphics.... nice If you feel like doing something for the slideshow, the title of it is INNOCENCE. Final graphics can't be more than 256colours so all AGA Amiga owners can view it, perhaps you feel like doing a nice anim or effect, I know that Cool 3D is particularly good, I've used it myself when I did some Video work for a nightclub many moons ago. So long as the anim isn't super HUGE, then it would be nice for some effective way for it to appear. I'll leave it up to you if you want to contribute.
Is that aimed at me Galahad?

also what resolution is your slideshow gonna be?

Cool 3d is now Studio 3d but i don't use it so much these days not even got it installed, more of a Xara X fan (best thing since Dpaint and Brilliance on Amiga apart from the fact it's vector based)

Any ideas which art package can export to .iff or can you convert 256 colour .bmp? (don't use photoshop or paintshop pro)
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