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Tinyus Open Beta 0.2 Released (OCS Gradius port)

Hi everyone,

aBYSs just released the 'Tinyus' open beta. 'Tinyus' is a faithful Amiga OCS port of the Arcade game Gradius.

Code & Audio:


Reverse Engeneering:

You can download the beta version (0.2) here:

Changelog Version 0.2
- Hiscore updates implemented
- Respawning from checkpoints fixed
- 524 bytes smaller

Expect issues, and pleasepost them here please

About the port:
The original arcade hardware runs on a Motorola 68000 @ 10Mhz. It features hundreds of colors and hundreds of sprites at the same time, multiple backgrounds, hardware zooming, and 8 audio channels. So an OCS Amiga 500 does not quite match these specs. Still it was possible to have almost an arcade perfect conversion for it. However, even the arcade version had many slowdowns, and on Amiga 500 there are even more. So it's strongly recommended to play on Amiga 1200 (or better) for a steady 50fps experience.

Happy playing!

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