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can anyone remember???

when i first got my amiga it came with some free games. i think they were:
  • f19 stealth fighter
  • shadow of the beast 2
  • back to the future part 2
i also got a 10 pack of games with it, but i cant remember the names of all of the games. there were:
  • dungeon quest
  • wizzball
  • kid gloves
  • tower of babel
  • microprose soccer
  • rvf honda
  • days of thunder
  • night breed
and two other which i cant remember, i vaguley remember in one of the games there were different things for you to do like kick furry balls into five different goblin things thats were set on different height posts. and in another part of the game you had a top down view and had to push away the same furry creatures with a bar of some sort. i know its not much information but i would love some help on what those other two games were called.

by the way i am new here. hello everyone.
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