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WinUAE WIP (25.04.2004)

.. is coming soon

I like the GUI very much

Good work Toni!

WinUAE 0.8.26 WIP (25.04.2004)

Estimated release date: first half of May

Bugs fixed:

- custom chipset emulation updates (Aunt Arctic Adventure
collision detection, Warhead music and sound etc..)
- very old FPU emulation bug
- bsdsocket emulation (AmiTradeCenter, CTRL-C signal check)
- interrupt level 7 freeze
- uaescsi.device MODE SENSE/SELECT translation
- Picasso96 WaitForVSync fix (Fake Electronic Lightshow" by
- Picasso96 8-bit mode palette problem (black Workbench
background color after returning from Windows desktop)

New features:

- new GUI!
- improved GUI pages
- systray icon and shortcut menu
- improved drop and drop support
- faster END+PAUSE warp-mode
- 68020/JIT crash prevention
- debugger improvements

and more..

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