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Originally Posted by Methanoid
Excellent. Can I ask if that is two 40 pin connectors PLUS a 44pin I see on the adaptor PLUS the connector to the A1200 mobo.
The EIDE board plugs directly onto the 1200's on-board IDE socket. It has two standard 40 pin connectors, for 3.5" drives, and one 44 pin connector, for 2.5" drives. It provides two IDE channels, not three, so you have a choice of using:

- Both 40 pin connectors, but not the 44 pin connector;
- One 40 pin connector and the 44 pin connector.

It may be possible to mix drives on the 44 pin and 40 pin connectors, like so:

- Primary Master - 44 pin
- Primary Slave - 40 pin
- Secondary Master - 40 pin
- Secondary Slave - 40 pin

However, I have not tested this, and can't remember seeing any information about this in the manual. Either way, you can connect a maximum of 4 IDE devices.

The software consists of a preferences program and a driver, which is loaded early in the startup-sequence. The preferences program does not run if the driver has already loaded, so you need to boot without a startup-sequence to use it. The preferences program is very simple, and the whole bundle is easy to set up and install.

The driver allows the use of >4GB drives in pre-3.5 versions of Workbench - it does this by setting up logical drives, each 4GB in size. For example, a 20GB drive would be split into five 4GB drives. I have taken advantage of this, and decided not to partition the resulting logical drives - I now have, essentially, one 20GB drive with five 4GB partitions, that works in all software without bodges or patches. It is, of course, possible to disable this feature.

The EIDE'99 board ships with AllegroCDFS; this is apparently faster than CacheCDFS, which is bundled with IDEFix, but I can't really see any difference. AllegroCDFS does seem to have problems with FAT95, though - I have a Zip100 drive in my tower, and could not access any CDs with Allegro if I had mounted a Windows-formatted Zip disk. My solution was simply to re-install CacheCDFS and delete Allegro.

You may experience one problem with the interface if you have a tower - as the interface plugs directly on to the 1200 motherboard, you need longer IDE cables to stretch from one end of the tower to the other. As the maximum recommended size for IDE cables is about 80cm, though, that isn't much of an issue - 80cm should amply accommodate any tower.

I've got both the EIDE'99 interface and the standard Elaborate Bytes IDEFix interface, and the EIDE solution is better in every respect. The software works perfectly, the build quality is excellent, and the drive splitting function is very handy.
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