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Originally Posted by Bloodwych
It was Personal Paint I was asking about running in window mode.
PPaint can however run RTG modes, but still re-sysncs the CRT monitor. Not a big deal, just me being fussy.
PPaint does not have a "window mode". However, it supports RTG just fine - just make sure it uses the same resolution as the Workbench screen (see below). A good substitute for PPaint would be PfPaint (better suited for higher resolutions, 24bit support).

It was more for the P96 WinUAE ClassicWB to stop excessive screen mode changing in full screen mode
That is not a problem if the programs use *identical* screenmodes. Switching between two 1024*768*16 screens is smooth and does not suffer from delays or monitor syncs (only opening a new screen does) - neither on my real Amiga nor on the 500mhz WinuAE setup I was running for a while.

it's nice to have everything except games open on the desktop when it has 800x600 or higher resolutions to use.
I wouldn't want to miss multiple screens.

DPaint will not work properly under RTG btw.
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