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Nowhere. I've planned to include a virus database in v2.0.

Anyway, here's the current list:

Adam Brierley
Ass Protector v1.0
BGS9 (Filevirus)
Blizzard v1.0
Butonic v3.00 (Filevirus)
Byte Bandit
Byte Bandit 1
Byte Warrior (DASA)
CCCP (Linkvirus)
Crackright (Disk-Doktors)
Disaster Master 2 (Filevirus)
French Virus Gadaffi
Happy New Year 96 (Linkvirus)
Lamer Exterminator 2
Liberator v5.01 (Filevirus)
Pentagon Circle 2
Saddam 1 (Filevirus)
Sinister Syndicate 1
Sinister Syndicate 2
Starfire / North Star 1
Starfire / North Star 2
SystemZ v3.0
SystemZ v4.0
SystemZ v5.0
SystemZ v6.1
SystemZ v6.5
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