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Well Ive had a fantastic day.. Went to Game and found that they are now trying to start a Retro section and are looking for old Megadrive/Snes/N64 consoles to fill it with - looks like everyone wants a slice of the Retro pie!

Anyway... for Xbox I got a superb game called 'Gun Metal' for £4-97 and then I got a Ps2 game for £1-99.(cant remember the name and I havent even got a Ps2!)

Anyway... earlier in the day at the local boot fair I got... A boxed N64 Goldeneye pack with ram expansion and 18!!! boxed mint condition games for £20 !!! (I now have 5 N64's, 2 ram expansions and 40 odd boxed mint condition N64 games

Then I was checking out a stall with general crap on it when I kicked a dirty bin liner on the floor under the table and out fell Zelda for the SNES!! The bin liner contained 19 unboxed (and v dirty) snes games which I got for £8!!! the games cleaned up well and all work fine - now all I have to do is find the store of spare manuals I have got in the garage and match some of them up with my new games..
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