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Originally Posted by RetroMan

I only refer to ORIGINAL UNMODIFIED WRITE PROTECTED discs of course
Which are a bit scarce according to my experience...

Anyway even if you are using an ipf image there is no need to create an install on an emulator, you can extract the disk data natively using the 68k or ppc library on a miggy.
I am not a whdl author, but I think while it is certainly possible to create an install under uae, it is good practice to test it fully on a real miggy before release. You don't have an mmu emulated, so catching illegal accesses and stuff like that - that whdl patches take good care of and is necessary to run old stuff on anything better than a 68000 - practically automated with an mmu is not so straightforward - yet.
On the other hand many of the tricky stuff that can be a nightmare to trace on the real thing, is dead easy under uae.
Also some recent debugger features can be very helpful as well.

So imho both have its advantages and drawbacks.

Strictly speaking of the images themselves they are guaranteed to be "factory new" - as good or bad as the original is - and knowing that is certainly helpful for development. Some games can be a nightmare to obtain... and it is like when finally a good copy is found.
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