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Phew, that was a few days work...

Escape Velocity Nova has now been setup and is working perfectly

There was one issue though that I had to get around. Basically you could launch the game, create a pilot, enter the ship and then play. If however, you now quit emulation and start again, the menu icons are corrupt and when you enter the ship the game crashes with this:
A similar thing happens in "Basilisk II for Windows" and the emulator crashes...

Not sure what's occurring but something is being written to the MAC OS 8.1 and corrupts things...

Couldn't work out how to solve so had to think outside the box

Basically, got around this by doing the following:
  • Create a copy of my clean "MacOS8.1.hfv" file and rename this to "Backup.hfv".
  • When emulation starts, before lauching into ShapeShifter emulation, copy "Backup.hfv" --> "MacOS8.1.hfv".
  • Game saves are still valid as they go in the "EV_Nova.hfv".
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