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Hey Galahad/Blood,


Ok, so I take it from your last post you are willing to pool our Grapevine resources together and we can maybe come to some agreement about merging our combined projects in to one chunk (so to speak). This is good! When I first saw your intentions of creating an Amiga .exe version of GV I thought you were going your own way. As our web based version is very much ALIVE and being recognised, it makes sense to get together 'cos as you prob know, we are currently WORK IN PROGRESS with the PC .exe version BUT we are missing the Amiga development side of things. If you want to discuss future plans with the team plz drop into our main site and join our forum & we can discuss it further.


Yeah.. the PHP blocking article is still causing ripples on various forums but I'm still glad we included it in the mag due to all the
commotion its caused, plus it's got the whole project recognised that little bit more. Granted, some say it's recognition for the wrong reasons but I stick to my point of 'Controversy Causes Readership'

Feel free to drop into our forum anytime...


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