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Retroman made a pretty good list there. All the games he listed are really good (Magician Lord, huh? Thought only I knew this one )

My fav Jump 'n' run games for Amiga probably are Ruff 'n' Tumble, Benefactor, Lost Vikings, Fury of the Furries, Arabian Nights, Soccer Kid, Parasol Stars and the Turrican series.

Generally speaking: Gunstar Heroes (Mega-Drive), Alien Soldier (Mega-Drive), Contra Hard Corps (Mega-Drive), Out To Lunch (SNES.. I know there's an AGA version, but I never played it), Cybernator (Snes), Yoshi's Island (Snes), Bubble Bobble (Arcade), Rainbow Islands (Arcade), Rodland (Arcade), Treasure of Usas (Msx)


I don't want to make this a MSX thread like we did with the shmups thread, but... Jet Set Willy 2, man?? Not that's not good, but.. it's a damn ZX Spectrum port!!!
the MSX-1 has 3 excellent plataform games by Casio, named Haunted Boys, Cat Adventure and Ninja, there's also Magical Kid Wiz (conversion of the arcade game WIZ), Thexder, and obviously, the Konami ones (The Goonies, King's Valley 1, 2 & plus, Magical tree, Athletic Land...).
For MSX 2, take a look at Treasure of Usas, as it's one of my fav plataforms game ever, and also Vampire Killer (the MSX version of Castlevania), Quinpl, Firehawk: Thexder 2 and Psychic World.

Ok, that's enough... if you want to discuss more about MSX plataform games, let's go to the MSX thread again
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