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Well, I'm absolutely sure you regularly see the Guru Meditation screen eventually. Perhaps not Guru Meditation, I think they changed it, but the red square with a fatal error inside.

For your example, that's not a fatal error, the OS works just perfectly well even if you are experiencing that problem, and it is not necessarily Windows fault. (Windows get the blame for most other faulty programs.) Besides: You DO see "core dumps" from time to time on Linux as well!

Perhaps people has gotten better at writing programs on the Amiga, which is natural to think, but no single piece of software if perfect in regard to program errors.

The Amiga with its nonprotected system is more sensitive to serious program errors than a system with a protected memory scheme. Windows - and Linux just terminates such applications and continues to run as if nothing has happened.

Wheter or not you are an experienced computer "dude", you get problems regarding such error messages you showed from time to time. If you are skilled, this is no problem, if not then you probably have a "geek"-friend who can help, if not, then tough luck. This rule counts for all systems, whether it is Amiga Os, MS Windows, Linux, OS/2, DOS, OSX or anything.

If Linux was perfect, then you didn't have to install upgrades of each and every one program that has bugs in it. Neither would you need to do so if it were completely secure.

My MS Win XP runs perfectly well on my computer, and it has done so for half a year now. Win 2k, which I used to run worked perfectly on my computer as well, Win NT ran with some minor inconvieniences, Win 9x ran with much trouble (but still recoverable blue-screens). - Wich is why exactly I mean that Amiga too has problems.

I used to be - and still am - fond of the Amiga. I think it was a great machine, perhaps still is, but I am not blind to the fact that things evolve. Things changes to the better.

Lastly I think this thread is wandering way off topic. I didn't want to start a "my computer system is better than yours" debate, just state that despite people's beliefs Amiga is just not as stable a system as what newer computers are.

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