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"A machine that has the stability of an Amiga (unlike PC)"

Hey, have you ever heard of "Guru Meditations"? How often did you experience that? Why do you think? Perhaps that was because an Amiga does not have protected memory? (And people creating faulty programs?)

How often do you see the PC-equivalent blue screen today on a modern operating system? Once a year? Once every 6 months? Its probably not often, unless you are experiencing bad hardware or a bad or faulty installation.

That's because a program running on a modern PC - unlike the old Amiga - runs in its ows protected memory space. It can thus not overwrite memory locations where other programs recide if there is something wrong with the program. If it tries to do so, the operating system denies access and shuts down the program trying to access outside its own memory space. An Amiga would present to you the infamous "Guru Meditation" logo if vital parts of memory got overwritten.

Ok, I admit that it's not fair comparing an old Amiga with todays PCs. The Amiga at its time was far ahead of any PC existing at that time, and so was it for several years. To state that an Amiga is a stable machine is to go way overboard! So is it to state that todays PCs are not very stable.

There you are - I just had to let it out!

To answer your question: No, I am sorry to say that I do not believe there will ever be a "New Amiga". Unless perhaps if they made a portable one? Hmm.. I like the idea! PDA-Amiga? Wee
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