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Your help needed ASAP

Right, as some of you know, I have been harping on about an aborted Slideshow project featuring work by Dark.

Well, shows how good my memory is, because it was actually Wade, not Dark!!

I had a MAJOR hard drive failure about 4 years ago, which is why the project never saw the light of day.

I recently took my knackered hard drive to a new friend who is rather more competant at all things hardware than me, and just to reinforce his credentials, he used to be a bit of an Amiga afficianado.

I gave him my hard drive in the forlorn hope he might be able to do something with it. Well, precisely yesterday, and after 3 days work, he has managed to recover 90% of all the work I thought I had lost, and one of these things is Innocence AGA, a demo slideshow that would have been released around 2000.

Now, it is entirely irrelevant to release it under the original group name of Faction (Friendship in Action) when they have been dead for years, so this is where everyone on here needs to contribute to make it an EAB production, or, quite possibly create a demo group name attached to EAB.

I have all the graphics, the layout is done, all the code is done, and it works on every AGA format I can think of (including A12oo 2meg chip and hard drive!). It is specifically AGA only, when you see some of Wades graphics, you will understand just how bloody good he is.

Its not a coding tour de force, because the demo was all about Wades graphics, not me showing off my coding skills.

I need the following for it to be released:

1). A piece of music (protracker/Digibooster/AHX)
2). EAB related graphics.

I've temporarily taken the image to add some connection to EAB, all other ideas and contributions would be appreciated.

My time is limited with regards Amiga projects because of my new line of work, and this demo has essentially been on the back boiler for nearly 5 years!

So, if you have some music already composed and would like a shot of actually having it used, then send it to me ASAP to

No modules over 430K in length, otherwise the demo is going to have some serious issues working on lower end machines.

Any ideas, throw them over to me, but it would be cool to have this demo released by the end of May at the latest, its waited long enough. In the meantime, work on Grapevine will continue.
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