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Originally posted by Enverex
I'm not trying to convert them. They (were) glowicons and I am trying to view them in OS3.9... and the ones that weren't seem to now be stuck in some sort of 8 colour or less mode.
Well, your screenshot looks as if you were looking into a folder full of a mixture out of MagicWB, NewIcons and OS3.9 icons from a clean 3.1 install without any patches.

Perhaps something went wrong with your "going back to the 3.9 install" ? Check in Prefs/Workbench that "No color icons" is unchecked and "Set MagicWB colors" is checked. Also check that icon.library is version 44 or above.

BTW, you didn't snapshot the dots, did you ? If you did, the color icons have been scratched. Snapshot means that what you see (and only that) will be preserved.
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