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Severin is an official tester me thinks.

It was Personal Paint I was asking about running in window mode. It was more for the P96 WinUAE ClassicWB to stop excessive screen mode changing in full screen mode - it's nice to have everything except games open on the desktop when it has 800x600 or higher resolutions to use. Of course LCDs don't like resolutions that are not native also. PPaint can however run RTG modes, but still re-sysncs the CRT monitor. Not a big deal, just me being fussy.

The normal Classic WBs for real Amiga's use Dpaint and other custom screen programs - I don't have a problem with this since they use PAL/ntsc/interlaced/multisysnc (in other words the same as a real Amiga WB on naitive Amiga hardware) so it's not an issue. Also as you said enverex, this is what the Amiga is all about.

That hex editor is great - don't need a licence key as it's been modified to GPL.

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