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Originally posted by Enverex
Took me days to collect all of the compressors and XAD stuff, now people just want to rip it for their lazy installs

Well, it's not for just me - the ClassicWB installs contain files, datatypes, programs etc etc that took me weeks to download from aminet and put together for the good of everyone not familiar with the Amiga. WinUAE is developed by Toni and others who spend hours and hours for free; HOL was put together by the good will of many peeps so we could all benefit. Paul spends time posting news etc. etc.

Underlining theme is community - we all pull together and help each other out.

If that's the way you feel then fair enough, I can understand where you're coming from. I know you do a lot to help around here too (thanks for dpaint in the zone ) I just wanted to point out that it certainly isn't for a "Lazy Install", more like a community install, and I give as well as take.

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