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Grapevine - Amiga

Right, this weekend, I intend to sort out the framework for Grapevine on the Amiga, I will endeavour to sort out the whole system.

What I intend to do is do a quick beta version, people on EAB can test it on their various setups to ensure compatibility, though to be honest with my programming experience, I really am not expecting any conflicts, but you never know!

It would be good to get some Beta music in there of some sorts, just so that we know it all runs fine, doesn't have to be the final tune or anything, but anything is better than nothing.

Other than the front screen and the Grapevine logo, I see no reason for Grapevine to be AGA only, so I will do a check for OCS/ECS/AGA and display the relevant title screens, with possibly slightly fancier front end for AGA machines, but other than that they remain the same.

It will use AmigaDOS for all loading/saving so will therefore be hard drive installable.

I intend to get the beta ready (hopefully) by the end of the weekend, where it will be upped into the zone as an archive of an ADF image, so even you WinUAE fanz can test it.

Once we are all happy, I'll chuck all the articles in there, and we can release it, and then catch up with the Web version so that the Amiga version is either released at the same time, or as near to it as possible.

Thoughts and comments please
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