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A few questions I'm stuck with.....

I'm trying to do away with applications that open their own screen in P96, having everything open on the actual workbench.


Firstly, is there an XPK compressor that works like powerpacker "decrunch header" option? Powerpacker/Imploder are useful for making executable files that decrunch themselves - ideal for placing several programs on a disk. I'm trying to find an XPK compressor that does something similar, but with no luck. None of them seem to add a decrunch header. If no such compressor exists, is there a utility that creates "decrunch headers" for exec files but doesn't open its own screen?

Secondly, is there a way to make PPaint open in a window on a P96 workbench? Looking at how it works, it seems unlikely as it needs custom 256 colour screens. At least it uses P96 resolutions.

Finally, has anyone got a decent hex editor for the Amiga? I'm still using ancient NewZap because I can't find a decent free one that accepts WB arguments.

Oh, and if anyone has the last release of Dpaint V (4 disks I think) if you could kindly place it in the zone I'd be most grateful.

Thanks for any help guys!
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