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Back then I didn't even get into that Commodore vs Atari war (as a matter of fact, I wanted both a C64 and an Atari 65XE, and same goes with the Amiga and AtariST).

Nowadays, I can confirm both machines are awesome. Each one has its strengths. The FM music chip inside the ST was really good for some stuff, like chipmusic, but sorry RCK, Turrican 2's music is better heard on the Amiga's TFMX system (By the way, TFMX was first developed on the Amiga, there was not an ST version afaik, and if there is one, it has to be newer than the Amiga one. MusyX is based on TFMX, so go figure, it is indeed a fabulous music system!).

Of course the ST's Yamaha 2149FM chip PALES when you compare it with the Commodore 64's SID chip. But the ST's forte was not about its FM music, but its MIDI abilities. This is why many musicians used it (and some use it even today). Newer machines got a DSP chip in there, so even better. I think Cubase started on the ST.

The Amiga's forte was digital sound and graphic power. The ST was piss poor graphics wise. For instance, it can't scroll to save its momma, so all games had shitty scrolling. Something even the C64 or speccy could do better.

Anyway, I always am in favour of every machine Except in the 90s, when I really got onto the Nintendo vs. Sega wars (Segaboy I was!). And I was always a 'whatever vs PC' buff. I still am today

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