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The German PC-retailer Escom purchased all Commodore/Amiga trademarks and the complete IP in 1995. They used the Commodore logo on IBM clones they were selling, and established a subsidiary ("Amiga Technologies") responsible for building, marketing and selling Amigas and related technologies.

When Escom Germany went bancrupt in 1996, the dutch subsidiary Escom Netherlands (that was not affected by the parent's bancruptcy) acquired the Commodore brand name and the "Chicken Head" logo, while Amiga Technologies (i.e. all Amiga trademarks and related IP) was purchased by Gateway.

Escom Netherlands went bancrupt in 1997 (1998?) and the Commodore/Chicken Head logos were sold to Tulip. Tulip is licensing the trademarks to pretty much everybody willing to pay.

In Germany, you could buy Commodore branded document shredders and similar office equipment (even cell phones IIRC) for years. Commodore Media (a Belgium company) recently purchased an exclusive, worldwide license to sell optical media with the commodore brand name.
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