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Hmmm, I think if nobody answered your post at all you might think that people here were not helpful, which is certainly not true. This board is one of the most informative and cooperative I have seen

an Amiga puter at all, and then it wouldn't work at all. But I do actually have my old Amiga but it's only a 1.3 so it still won't do any good.
I don't think the section relevant to you assumes you have any Amiga at all, since if I understand correctly you are trying to make adf files on a Windows machine from lha archives (rather than from actual Amiga disks). If this is what you want to do, it is quite easy to do using the programs mentioned in the FAQ, and also probably a few more on Aminet. In fact, you can do it completely from an emulator, without any PC programs!

The people on this board are really helpful in my experience, it's just that people took a lot of time to compile the information in the FAQs; you probably said you had read them when you signed up on the board, and yet we still get asked these questions all the time

I'm sure you would find people a lot more helpful if you had posted a question along the lines of "I read the FAQ, tried ADF Opus (or whatever), but am having problems...can anyone help". Along with a good description of the problem of course
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