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Originally posted by fiath
About the direction of Amiga Inc...

I don't get it. They have taken a embedded/fast Java Virtual Machine licensed from the Tao Group and have come out with this Amiga DE stuff, and now they are making that their future direction.

But I don't understand what they can possibly add? Java has gaming facilities already, so what are they doing? Are they adding another (proprietry) gaming API? The only thing I have seen so far is a few games released with the Amiga name...

Anyone care to enlighten me?
Only thing I ever hear them brag about is that the games or apps written for Amiga DE scale up or down across multiple digital devices without the need for developers to target any specific device. The same write-once, run anywhere scenario Java claims. Which kinda gets you thinking how much of that ability comes from Java and how much comes from Amiga DE.
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