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Originally posted by CodyJarrett
'Opinions' are the problem here and are usually the cause of most flame wars. That's not to say that there shouldn't be opinions, but most folks seem to start with the belief that they are 'right' no matter what and the facts better damn well fit that belief, even if they have to be twisted into place. Instead of, say, starting with all the facts and then formulating an opinion from them. Or picking a viewpoint to argue from (even if you don't firmly 'believe' in it) and taking it from there.
very interesting thought.

i just want to make clear that this is a guideline that we ALL must keep in mind when posting and i've stopped by to point at it this only because i feel that this way can really generally open any conversation/debate, lead to some more useful information and improve comunication, and Anti: not to state in any way that i felt any offence
no reason at all
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