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Originally posted by Unknown_K
You just have to understand that each country has very different laws and what is legal in your country might not be legal here (morals are the same way).
That's so right.

Most everyone here would be of the thought of the thread, that paying for emulators is just being wrong. That's what happens in a culture that has grown up on software piracy.

Luckily I have learned, despite having the same background (Only way for me to get games as a lad was to pay to a guy who filled my disks with games for a little sum), but most people in theis country, specially the new generations, are still very fond of piracy and not paying for shit.

Check the irony though: these kids are as willing to pay for ROMs CDs as unwillling they are to pay a shareware fee to an emulator author. That's how it works here and I'm conpletely against it.
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