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Thumbs down *sigh*

Instead of arguing about whether new users should be forced to read some stuff or not, why not help them out by answering their questions instead, or just don't say anything if you don't want to. Isn't that kinda what a message board is all about anyway?

This wasn't of any help whatsoever, 5 replies and only the first one about the link might have been of any help. But it assumed that you have a real Amiga 2.0 or better... I might not even have an Amiga puter at all, and then it wouldn't work at all. But I do actually have my old Amiga but it's only a 1.3 so it still won't do any good.

Plus, I asked if there are programs for Windows where people can make ADF files, like a "Win ADF manager" or whatever. I guess there are not but then someone could just frankly say so.

Oh well? Guess I'll just have to download my ADFs in the future, that works fine too...
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