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Originally posted by Unknown_K
Discjuggler, clonecd, and another I can't think of at the moment are pretty decent. There were some older ones that worked well also during their day Corel ezcd creater (before adaptec purchased it and before it was spun off to roxio), dont think the mac had burning software way back then.

Premiere works fine on the PC side, not sure why it sucks on the mac side (before they dropped it all together citing competition from FCP). Some people are happy with products like Ulead Videostudio, whats cheasy for your needs might be overkill for somebody else. Dont forget there are people who have been using products like premiere since way back before FCP ever came out and they dont like changing from a product they know inside and out.

Should I start listing products like Autocad and Chemcad that are industry standards but are not made for the mac? You can get mainstream programs for both systems but the PC offers alot of specialties and niches that the mac just does not get into, and probably never will.
It's not what I consider cheesy, but what simply is the overabundance of garbage software in every category.
The one or two standout titles in each category is all there really is that's worthy of any praise. AutoCAD isn't available for the Mac, but there is serious CAD for the Mac. ArchiCAD is the one that comes to mind.
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