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Originally posted by Akira

I'm glad that I am not an Amiga Inc. fanatic anymore.

*pats 3.0 powered A1200*

What does this KMwhatever company have to do with amiga? NOTHING! These are people deploying content for mobiles or networks or shit! What do you think AmigaOS will do in the hands of this people? Yer right.

Now Amiga is nothing but a name. What does it have to do with the Amiga now that they sold the OS? Why don't they rename themselves to the "Mobile Something Something Corporation"
I've not kept up with the AmigaOS saga in the hopes that by the time I start reading up on it again it would be available. All I read about is more legal manuevering.
Unless KMOS wants to try and compete with the Palm & PocketPC with a proprietary handheld of their own, which will never happen I think AmigaOS will likely end up in settop boxes in one form or another, although Linux is already there for many settops in the US already.
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